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Top 5 Ways to Make High School Great


A quick list of my top five ways to make your high school experience great.

  1. Don’t become apart of that high school “clique”- Be friends with everyone! I can promise you, that being in the same clique throughout high school can get very old, very fast. Make new friends, sit with different people you haven’t talked to, and go outside of your little friend circle.
  2. Doing work, and getting good grades isn’t a bad thing- Sure, going out with your friends on a Wednesday night can be fun, and you want to have a social life, but you choose to do that over, that 3 page research paper you haven’t even started yet, that is due tomorrow. Yeah, not so fun. Falling behind and getting those bad grades can change your whole high school experience. It follows you all the up to looking for that college you want to carry on your career to.
  3. Go to those “stupid” high school dances- Just because everyone else is talking about how they don’t want to go, and it is so stupid, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. Who knows? You might marry the guy or girl who asked you to dance, at homecoming your junior year. Letting other people influence what you wanna do, will put a damper on your 4 years in high school.
  4. Participate in spirit week-You are most definitely not cool if you don’t participate in any of the spirit weeks. The big spirit week during homecoming is where you are allowed to dress as weird, and creative as you want, and no one will judge you. You realize how important this tip is when it is your senior year and you wished you went all out the 3 years before that.
  5. Get involved-Joining those clubs, and trying out for those sports you thought you wouldn’t even be good at, can make a big difference with your experience. Join the Friendship club, or try out for the softball, or baseball team. You never know until you try it. Not only can you put it on college applications, and have fun, but it’s another way to make friends.  

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