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The Life of a Football Manager


Some people think that being a football manager is all easy and there is no work load, but that is not the case. You become not only part of the team, but apart of the little family, and bond created with the boys, coaches, and other managers. All the while you are having fun, and creating memories, comes the work that needs to be done.

Some things these football managers do is, set up all of the equipment for practice, take attendance, film, do anything the coaches need you do, and more. These girls are not only there for the coaches, but are also there for the boys, and get whatever they need.

Emily Marra, junior football manager, said her favorite part about this past season was, “Getting to meet all of the wonderful managers, and getting to know both of the guys and coaches more. Also, having the feeling of a family with people I didn’t even know this time a year ago.” Marra is going to manage football again next year, and she looks forward to, “managing with my best friend, and also just getting to be with all the guys i became close with this year.”

Now, Grace Connors, 4 year Varsity football manager, said her being a football manager is like, “being a mom for 80 high school boys. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world, and Panther football will always have a piece of my heart”. Connors was no stranger to the football scene, she eats, sleeps, and breathes, Panther football.

Grace also gave us her input on how the season was and what was her favorite part. It was hard for her to pick just one, but she said, “watching all of the boys succeed and advance as far as they did. When I watch a new team come into summer camp in June, I can never really know what that season has in store. But getting to watch them work their butts off for so long, and then getting to see them do so well as they did, is the most rewarding thing and always makes me so proud.”

So, being a football manager isn’t all about the amount of hours you spend at practice, or the little things that you have to make sure are perfect for game day, it is about the memories Panther football gives you that you can carry on with you for the rest of your life.

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