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Justice League Movie Review


Warning Spoilers Below!

The Justice League, DC’s version of the Avengers made it to theaters November sixteenth and is either disappointing viewers, impressing them, or leaving them thinking it was moderate.

Just recently I went to the see the new movie and thought that it was pretty good, but of course I also thought they could have done better job plus made some changes. But not only did Justice League satisfy me, it also gave me quite a shock.

I knew that Superman was going to come back eventually like he does in the comics but it was unexpected when he was brought back to life by the League in this film. Superman’s revival is very different in the comics and I even believe that he comes back evil because he thinks his love interest is dead, but that is not the case in this movie.

Another aspect that was interesting was the involvement of the Amazons and Atlanteans in this film. Not only were they involved but the film gave us a glimpse into their past and the lost history of the world.

Overall this film was full of surprises and had a decent story line. So when it only got rated 41% by critics on Rotten Tomatos I was shocked. From numerous people and cites I read they said that this film was terrible and so I was expecting to be disappointed, but gladly I wasn’t. And I don’t think I am the only one on the same thought track because senior Dani Ceja, at Oswego High School, said “ I don’t expect Justice League to be as good as Wonder Woman, but I also don’t expect it to be as terrible as Batman v. Superman.” Now Dani has yet to see the film and can’t say her true opinion on the film quite yet, but this is what she is expecting when she goes to see it.

So why don’t you be like Dani and make your way to the theater so that you can establish your own thoughts on The Justice League.

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