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The second season of Stranger Things takes place a year after the events of the first. It continues the conflicts between the characters and The Upside Down. The plot continues with Will still being affected by The Upside Down. After the demogorgon attacks Dr. Martin Brenner and other scientists in season one, new scientists step up and continue the research. Dr. Owens takes Brenner’s spot and takes lead on the research. There is a larger threat to Hawkins and it is described as a virus living inside of Will. Hopper, Joyce, and Dr. Owens try to figure out what is wrong with Will and how he can be cured. The plot for the second season was told well and the events were well spread out unlike in season one where the plot felt like it was rushed by the end of the season.

This season also focuses on many developing characters. Sean Astin joins the cast as Bob Newby, Joyce’s boyfriend. Astin did a phenomenal job playing Bob. Unfortunately Bob sacrifices himself towards the end of the season and ends up getting killed. Bob was a fantastic character and was loved by many. Steve started as a jerk in season one, but in this season he helps the kids with tracking down a demodog that got loose after Dustin was taking care of it. Steve is easily one of the most likeable characters as he has shown how much he has changed. Eleven was also a main focus this season as we get to learn more about her past and her thoughts on what has been going on. She has a very good character arc, but one episode focuses on her finding her lost sister and it feels like a filler episode. Barbara’s story also comes to a close this season. Jonathan and Nancy go to try and show everyone that she is not missing but dead. This results in a funeral for her and the public does not know about the events that occurred in season one.

Most of season two is better than season one and hopefully the show will continue to get even more interesting than it already is. Stranger Things will continue with season three. The conflicts with The Upside Down may continue with Dustin and Hopper instead of Will. During season two, Hopper and Dustin were both sprayed by an unknown flower like creature from The Upside Down. This could have possibly infected both of them which would cause a new link between our world to The Upside Down.

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