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The one, the only, Mrs. Howerton


I conducted an interview spotlighting Mrs. Howerton, the English Department Chair, and if you do not know her, you are missing out.

I first met Mrs. Howerton last year because she teaches English 3, with Ms. Shuma. Howerton is a fantastic teacher, and nobody can dislike her. If you’re having a bad day her surprisingly upbeat personality will definitely put you in a good mood. Her and Ms. Shuma were the best and making someones day.

When asked, what is your motivation on being a teacher? She said to start it off she wanted to be a journalist, but being a journalist is like a 24/7 job. She had been always pretty good at handwriting and spelling. In her courses for college she took couple of journalism classes but switched it to being a teacher in her junior year of college. She loved all of her English classes. Plus her mom was a teacher which was a big motivation on her.

Mrs. Howerton has gotten to where she is with hard work but its work she enjoys. She enjoys what her job is and enjoys it very much. And really enjoy whom she works with and the students.

Since Mrs. Howerton is an English teacher, I wanted to know what is her favorite book. She said “There’s too many to pick from!” In high school her favorite book was Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

On weekends and holidays, Mrs. Howerton spends a ton of grading, planning, and spending time with family. And she has two little kids and goes and does stuff with them but she grades a lot at home.    

Interestingly, Mrs. Howerton’s favorite genres of music are classic rock and 90s grunge rock, specifically Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Green Day.  

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