Thursday, February 9, 2023
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The OHS lunch ladies: Serving lunch and serving smiles

Lunch ladies Debra Marolelli, Janice O'Brien and Jackie Harvey

OHS has many lunch ladies working in the sandwich line, pizza line, salad bar, and at the cash registers. I was able to interview two of these women: Mrs. Debra Martorelli and Mrs. Jackie Harvey.

Teacher feature: Mrs. Laurene Gatlin

Teacher Laurene Gatlin

Mrs. Laurene Gatlin, a biology teacher here in at Oswego High School, will be retiring this year after 15 years of teaching. Mrs. Gatlin has been working as a biology teacher for 10 years at OHS out of those 15 years. With her retirement around the corner, Mrs. Gatlin is trying to relish in her time while she has it.