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Otto Hess: The story of how a Panther became an Eagle

Otto Hess and two other Football players standing on a field

When one first sees Boston College commit senior offensive tackle Otto Hess, one immediately notices his size.

A dissection of the first Presidential debate from a democrat’s perspective

On September 29, 2020, the first presidential debate, moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, took place in Ohio between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Republican nominee Donald Trump. Oh, boy was it atrocious. Everybody deserves better than what we were forced to watch. People like to watch the political debates for many reasons, one of them is for the entertainment factor of: it’s so bad it’s good. This debate was so bad it was ugly; it was easily the worst experience an American political debate has ever delivered to the public.

These are the greatest sports video games of all time: First Generation

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has me staying inside and playing some of the old sports games I have, I’ve decided to make a list (or three) on what sports games I think are the best in their sport.

OH senior night spoiled by late Yorkville comeback

Connor McCance winning the opening tip-off for Oswego.

During the Panthers’ six-game losing streak, senior guard Jack Kahoun has been out with a lower body injury. Throughout the season, Kahoun has played a large role in the Panthers’ offensive success, especially late in games. Without Kahoun, the Panthers have struggled at times to get their offense going, something that was evident late in the game against Yorkville.

Panthers’ late rally leads to OT thriller against Romeoville

The Oswego starting lineup waits for their names to be called prior to the start of the game.

The Panthers began the first quarter with high energy. An energy that was portrayed through senior center Connor McCance’s posterizing put-back dunk over the Romeoville starting center. McCance wasn’t the only player fuel to the Panthers’ fire, off of the first of McCance’s six monstrous rejections, senior guard Jack Kahoun rainbowed a contested three-pointer on the fast break.

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