Monday, November 28, 2022
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OHS Senior, first year on staff, needlessly passionate about sentence structure

OH Poetry Day feeds students’ hungry spirits

Adam Gottlieb (Right) and Casera Heining (Left)

On Nov. 10, the Oswego High School English Department, with the sponsorship of Student Council, hosted Poetry Day in the auditorium where students were invited to attend a poetry workshop and perform at an open microphone.

OH Custodial Staff: The unsung heroes of our school

I remember about a year ago walking into a bathroom here at school and stepping into a puddle that covered the floor. Something splashed up onto my shoes and pants, and I felt my heart drop. I looked around, hoping to not realize my worst fears when, rising out of a toilet bowl, I saw a tower of toilet paper with water streaks lining the outside of the bowl; thankfully, it was just water I stepped in. But this wasn’t the first time I walked into a flooded bathroom at school, and it wasn’t the last time, either.

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