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Cade Fiorito, News Editor

Cade Fiorito, News Editor

‘Kingdom Hearts III’: Was it worth the 6-year wait?

Kingdom Hearts 3 logo

I’ll state right off the bat that I don’t only play “Kingdom Hearts” for the storyline. The gameplay and music are major components of these games, and this installment continues that trend with no exception.

OHS students react to the government shutdown

White House Graphic

As of Jan. 11, 2018, the U.S. government shutdown reached its third week, making this the longest government shutdown America has ever faced, and it has sparked the formulation of a wide variety of opinions from students at Oswego High School.

Is a reboot of ‘The Office’ truly necessary?

The Office logo

“The Office” forever has and forever will hold a place in my heart, along with everyone else. The sarcasm, jokes and plot twists are what has fans craving more and more—hence why a reboot would be a great idea.

Checkpoint, Ep. 1: November Game Releases

In the first episode of "Checkpoint," Cade Fiorito and Dominic Barnes discuss five major game releases for the month of November.

Preview: ‘Origins’ by Imagine Dragons

Since their debut album “Night Visions,” Imagine Dragons has seemed to non-stop deliver on every musical note.

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