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Obituary Policy

In the event that a current Oswego High School student or faculty member dies, 42Fifty will cover the death with—at a minimum—a short, objective obituary that focuses on the person’s life and accomplishments. The obituary will also include:

  • Dates of birth and death
  • A photograph of the person
  • Who survives them
  • Wake and funeral information, if timely and if given permission from the family
  • Cause of death, if appropriate

In the event of a suicide, 42Fifty will not disclose the cause of death, so as to avoid the potential for copycat incidences. In other cases, whether or not the cause of death is disclosed will be decided by the adviser and editors on a case-by-case basis.

The obituary will be published in a timely but respectful manner (at least 48 hours after the death, but preferably no more than one week).

In some cases, 42Fifty may determine that it is appropriate to write a longer tribute in honor of the deceased. The timing and format of a longer tribute piece, if applicable, will be determined by the editors and writing staff.