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Letters to the Editor

If you have a strong opinion about something you read on 42Fifty, or you just want to express your opinion about an issue you care about, make your voice heard and write a letter to the editor! We will publish any letters we receive that follow our publishing guidelines. 


Send an email to 42fifty@sd308.org with “Letter to the Editor” as the subject line. 

Please include your full name; your grade, position, or graduation year; and the date and headline of the article to which you are responding. If you are not responding to an article, please include a headline that clearly states the topic of your letter. 


  • You must include your full name. Anonymous letters will not be published. 
  • Be clear. Make a clear argument – do not ramble. 
  • Be concise. Please make an effort to stay under 250 words. If you have a lot more to say, contact us at 42fifty@sd308.org about an article submission!
  • Be accurate. Letters, like all content on 42Fifty, are fact-checked and will not be printed if there are factual errors. 
  • Avoid personal attacks. Letters that attack 42Fifty student staff, other Community Unit School District 308 students or faculty, will not be published. 
  • Proofread. Please make sure that your letter is grammatically correct and does not contain spelling errors. 

42Fifty may edit letters to the editor for clarity or grammar.