On Friday, Jan. 24, Oswego High School’s student council held the semi-annual blood drive for OHS students and staff to donate blood. The blood drive has been a planned activity of the Student Council for over five years.
Student services has adjusted to going remote by offering their services in a new way online.
Rho Kappa, the social studies honor society, was inspired to start the drive because of a desire to support the troops.
Many students registered to vote for the national 2020 primaries at Oswego High School on Wednesday, Oct. 16, with the help of the League of Women Voters.
Due to the recent changes to the school year, AP exams have been modified and will now be administered at home in an online format as well as shortened in length. Each exam will now only last 45 minutes and cover a limited amount of material. The new tests will no longer contain any multiple choice questions. Many students see the multiple choice section as the easier and less stressful section; however now students will only be answering a variety of free response questions based on material learned prior to March.

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