Podcast producers Annabelle Rivera and Anthony Myers talk about conspiracy theories that will chill you to the bone.
Podcast producers Sarah Bresser and Anthony Myers talk about the recent projared situation and other recent drama. Stay tuned to the very end, when Bresser and Myers give a very special shout out to a hidden gem!
Underground Sound is a podcast covering the latest in local music happening in and around Oswego. In this episode we cover Riot Fest, the latest shows and feature music by Station 6, Art, and Death of Self
In this episode, Owen reviews the new flagship iPhones along with the hype about homecoming week at Oswego High School. In news, Owen talks about the climate change protests, earthquakes in Pakistan, Sandy Hook's PSA, and a brand new Mario Kart experience.
As of recently, the popular game Minecraft has been gaining more traffic than ever due to YouTubers and specific trends in gaming culture. A few students from Oswego High School talk about their experiences with the game and why they think it is growing in popularity.

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