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Some people have said the worst part of being a photographer is that you’re in none of your photos, but in those moments of pure happiness and joy, I rarely think about being in the frame. I think about capturing others’ happiness because I already know how I’m feeling, but the real challenge is showing how they feel in a single still moment.
he classes offered within the fashion department are Fashion Construction 1, Fashion Construction  2 and Fashion Merchandising.
The main gym was filled with homecoming spirit and pep for the upcoming football game.
Oswego High School honor roll students were invited to an Academic Breakfast before school on Oct. 18. Donuts and juices were served in the cafeteria for them to enjoy. Students had to present their invitation to the event in order to take part. Check out the photos below!
Last week, in the spirit of Homecoming, Oswego High School grades and clubs decorated the halls in a variety of different colors and themes.

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