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Editor: Owen Meldon
Oswego High School students participated in the first-ever Meme Day for Homecoming Week last Tuesday. Student Council put the spirit week dress-up days to a vote on social media, with Meme Day ending up at the top. Check out the photos below!
Every year, the staff has a chili contest on Staff Appreciation day. This year on Sept.11, Mr. Chris Hupke, a counselor at Oswego High School, was announced as the winner. Check out this video to see Mr. Hupke’s reaction and what he won!
Lilye's Lighthearted Moments was born from my positivity and desire to inspire others. I will be bringing you weekly videos to bring a smile to your face and give you something to watch during Guided Study. Episode 2  is entitled...
Some people have said the worst part of being a photographer is that you’re in none of your photos, but in those moments of pure happiness and joy, I rarely think about being in the frame. I think about capturing others’ happiness because I already know how I’m feeling, but the real challenge is showing how they feel in a single still moment.
In W&D episode 8, staff writers Wylie Marquis and Daniel Wiltfong talk about the Honda Civic EG and why this car deserves more respect in the car scene.

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