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Gallery: Meme Day 2018


Oswego High School students participated in the first-ever Meme Day for Homecoming Week last Tuesday. Student Council put the spirit week dress-up days to a vote on social media, with Meme Day ending up at the top. Check out the photos below!

1An Avocado! Thanks…

Freshman Reagan Sanders wears a “An Avocado! Thanks…” shirt, referencing a Vine of a little boy getting an avocado for Christmas.

2I can’t believe you had the audacity… 

Freshman Victoria Trevino dresses up as Tyler the Creator’s character from a parody of an episode of “The Real Housewives.”

3Road work ahead? I sure hope it does!

PICTURE 28: Freshman Delaney Matson references to the “Road Work Ahead? I Sure Hope It Does” Vine by Drew Gooden.

4I don’t get no sleep!

PICTURE 27: A pan is held by freshman Nwadum Tendong, dressed as the Vine “I Don’t Get No Sleep Cause Of Y’all.”

5Taaaaake ooooooon meeeeeeeeeeee

PICTURE 24: Senior Syd Berenyi dances to A-Ha’s “Take On Me” as viner Contrachloe in her most famous work.

6David Dobrik

David Dobrik is known for his stereotypical YouTube videos, which senior Alex Garland decided to depict.

7McKayla Maroney

Ms. Sarah Carlson dresses as McKayla Maroney in this meme throwback.

8Chemistry Cat

Science teachers, including Mr. Trevor Huser, Ms. Jamie Piper and Ms. Milica Leone, matched as the 2012 meme-era classic Chemistry Cat.

9Let me put my face on

Junior Julia Andersen came as the Vine of the little girl with excessive makeup.

10Internet Celebrities

Juniors Madi Etheridge and Lucas Ingram were country stars Mason Ramsey and Salt Bae, respectively.

11You had to do it to ’em

Junior Steven Udy snaps into the “You Know I Had To Do It To Em” pose, after a funny tweet.

12JoJo Siwa

Junior Allie Ruggerio poses as JoJo Siwa, known on the internet for her annoying pattern of speech.

13Me… and also me

Freshman Giselle Hernandez and Sophomore Cole Granahan partner up as Kermit and his dark inner voice.

14Flashback Mary

Junior Sophie Wienceck dresses as Flashback Mary, a picture of the makeup guru James Charles in a meet-and-greet with too-light foundation.

15Welcome to Flavor Town!

Sophomores Autumn Bartle and Ava Benstine twinned as Guy Fieri.

16He was a moth, she was a lamp, can I make it any more obvious? 

Freshman Jaime Rasmussen dresses as a moth, of course holding an accompanying lamp picture.

17Senior Spirit

Seniors Ava Weyrich, Noah Beck, Jaiden Speer and Maddie Dossett took their own take on Spirit Week, starting off with a Gender Bender day.


[VIDEO] Watch the 2018 Pep Assembly performances here!


0:01: Marching Band

1:43 : Choir National Anthem

2:40 : Cheer Team

4:13: Commotion

7:38: Class Games

11:29: Step Team with Math and Science Department

14:41: Mr Oswego Jacob Marcus

16:38: Dance Team

19:50: Varsity Football with Dance Team

GALLERY: Our JEA Experience


From Nov. 1 to Nov. 3, I got the chance to not only spend an amazing three days in Chicago with 10 of my fellow 42Fifty students and my adviser, Ms. Sarah Hands, but I also got the chance to capture our adventure through my love of photography.

Over the three days, our team got to walk through the “Saturday Night Live” Experience at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, learn from sessions presented by experienced journalists at the Journalism Education Association Conference, and connect with one another on a more personal level.

The sixth floor of the Palmer Hilton Hotel, where we stayed,  was definitely 42Fifty’s hangout spot during the trip. The floor consisted of only offices, ballrooms, and lobbies—no guests were staying on the floor, and it was mostly vacant all three days, with the exception of a hotel worker doing a security check once in a while. The table where we all sat was where we held our daily debrief meetings, shared what we learned in our lectures, and gave ideas to improve our publication. When we were there, we also had free time. During free time, I don’t think there was a moment when we weren’t all together. Our team always wanted to do things as a group—even after bed check, we would still be talking over the phone with one another.

Our JEA trip was where my classmates became more than classmates—more than just people who sit next to me for 45 minutes of my day. I got to watch my classmates’ eyes light up with passion for journalism, share meaningful conversations, and make jokes that made us laugh until there were tears in our eyes. JEA was where our classroom-setting relationships developed into sincere friendships, and our overall care for one another increased.

Capturing each aspect of those moments was overall my favorite part of the trip. Some people have said the worst part of being a photographer is that you’re in none of your photos, but in those moments of pure happiness and joy, I rarely think about being in the frame. I think about capturing others’ happiness because I already know how I’m feeling, but the real challenge is showing how they feel in a single still moment. As I’m sure my friends who went to JEA would agree, the trip was both an educational field trip as well as a personal adventure, and I was so happy I got the chance to capture “Our JEA Experience” through the lens of my camera.

The 42Fifty team stops on the walkway of Chicago to regroup on where to head next, and to take a look at the famous Chicago riverwalk view. Managing Editor Jacob Anderson cracks a joke, making the group break out into laughter.

Pictured, left to right: Charlotte Conkrite, Lizzy Sorensen, Jacob Anderson, Riah Trevino, Ms. Hands, Charlie Recchia.

”This was a big trip for us, so our energy was high,” Anderson said. “Everyone made me very happy in those moments.”

Adviser Ms. Sarah Hands leads the group in discussion and has fun with her students as well.

“I was so happy to see my students bonding with each other and growing their passion and enthusiasm for journalism,” Ms Hands said.

Managing Editor of Editorial Content Jamani Reed sits in one of the “Saturday Night Live” cast makeup chairs at the Museum of Broadcast Communications on Thursday.  

“Walking through the ‘Saturday Night Live’ experience was a huge deal for me,“ Reed said. “I have always wanted to be a part of it for as long as I could remember, so seeing the process they go through weekly made me more excited to eventually be on the show myself as a cast member or even as a host.”

At the  museum on Thursday, Entertainment Editor Charlie Recchia enjoys the set of Wayne’s World as he sits on the couch, pretending to play the guitar.  

“I felt like a part of history,” Recchia said. “Sitting on the Wayne’s World couch felt very special, as it’s one of my favorite skits.”

Walking through the museum, Blog Editor Kenzie Cook also stops for a moment on the set of Wayne’s World, laughing while lying on the couch of the set from the show “Saturday Night Live.”

“I always wondered how they set up the show, and seeing the behind the scenes really put it in perspective for me,” Cook said.

Entertainment Editor Dylan Jahnke walks into the JEA Convention on Friday,  excited to start his seminars for the day.

“I couldn’t believe it was actually happening,” Jahnke said. “It was like a dream come true to actually be doing something in the real world…that was journalist-related.”

Exploring the “haunted” Palmer House Hilton, Managing Video Editor Charlotte Conkrite vlogs the group’s ghost hunt on Thursday.

“Videotaping the trip was so much fun,” Conkrite said. “Being with that group of people…I felt I was part of something, part of a group where I fit in.”

Sports Editor Alex Mielcarz shares laughs with the team on the way to the convention on Thursday.

“The whole experience was a good one. It was very useful,” Mielcarz said. “It got me hyped up, because this is something I’m considering pursuing in life.”

A game of Jenga breaks out in the exhibition hall between the 42Fifty students.

“I learned the importance of working as a team and really communicating,” News Editor Lizzy Sorensen (pictured left) said. “The game of Jenga was just one way for us to build the team mentality within 42Fifty.”

Together at the exhibition hall, Anderson and Sorensen win as a team in Jenga.

“It was very exciting…just the people with Lizzy and everyone made me very happy,” Anderson said.

Every night, the 42Fifty team debriefs the information from the lectures on the sixth floor, which is also is where the team plays games and talks during free time.

“My overall favorite part was the down time, because we all were able to bond as a class and get to know each other more on a personal level rather than just on an educational level,” Jahnke said.

BriGuy’s 6 tips on dealing with senioritis

Sticky note that reads
Graphic Credit: Mack Hulke

Are you feeling like you want to do the minimum amount of work, and you just want to sit down and kick back a bit?  Then that means you have senioritis! Senioritis is when you feel like you need to take a REALLY long break during your senior year, and then your grades go down afterwards. There is no known cure for senioritis—however, this does not mean all is lost. Here are my tips on how to prevent senioritis.

1. Grades still matter

My first tip is to remember that grades still matter. If you think you or your grades are untouchable, you’re dead wrong. Your grade will go down because you think you’re good enough to pass. Don’t bet on letting your grade stay the same for the entire school year or semester, because it won’t. My suggestion is to do as much work as you can so that gets your grades go way higher than they were before. Students get better grades by working harder, participating, etc. There are lots of ways to get that grade up. Like getting a higher grade on a test/quiz, and turning projects on time.

2. Focus on earning college credit

My second tip is to focus on earning some college credit depending on which college you want to attend. If you want to go to the college of your choice and you’re not in a good position, then you need to find a way to catch up immediately. If you have any missing work, turn it in, if you have to make up a test, think of a good day to do it, and make sure to give yourself enough time to study too, and ask the teacher how to make your grade go up a letter grade or two. So If you want to go to whatever college your bound to go to then work hard to meet their requirements whether it be better grades or better SAT score.

3. Set specific goals for yourself

My third tip is set specific goals for yourself, whether it be to get back to work, to focus more in class, or just do whatever you need to do. A lot of people use goals as a great way to get things done, and to push people beyond their usual effort. If you need a little boost in your work, goals are a big help with that.

4. Don’t get into bad habits

My fourth tip is to not get into bad habits. It’s hard to break bad habits, especially when we have about three months of no school during the summer. However, you have to learn to get used to it eventually. Don’t make a habit of slacking off during your senior year, and don’t make a habit of putting your work off, either. For example, if you have a paper due in like two weeks and you decided to hold off on it until one week before it’s due, then then that doesn’t give you a lot of time left to do it. So if I were you in that predicament, I’d say to make every second of that time count.

5. Stay busy

My fifth tip is to keep yourself occupied. I’ve mostly been known for working on, like, 1 million things at once, and I never got senioritis because of it. So, if you have about three things to do and all of them were due on the exact same day, I’d say do them all, not at once, but rather one at a time instead.  

6. Have fun!

My sixth and final tip is to not to forget to have fun, because high school doesn’t last forever. Even though it feels like it has lasted forever, it will be over before you know it. Go to a party, hang out with friends, do what you think is fun. Plus, it’s more fun later to get that nice high school diploma in the palm of your hand, telling you, “you did it, buddy.”

Well, there you have it. Those were my six tips on how to prevent senioritis. I hope you find them useful in some way. Think of being a senior as being a college student in training. Like I said, your high school years don’t last forever. Do what every high school student does: make every single piece of work count.  

5 tips for keeping yourself busy this winter

Bare tree branches

The lack of sunshine, the bitter cold, the messy snow, and being trapped inside—yep, this sounds like your typical Midwestern winter. For some people, this is great and doesn’t phase them. For others, it brings them down and makes them want to sleep until spring arrives. So, how exactly do you cope with these emotions? Lucky for you, I am here to give you some tips on how to deal with the winter blues and stay busy.

Tip No. 1: Clean your room

Cleaning your room not only, well, makes it clean, but it gives you a feeling of accomplishment and cleanliness. Turn on your favorite playlist, vacuum your floor, dust your nightstand, make your bed, clean out your closet, do your laundry, and you’ll completely forget about the fact that the wind chill is below zero degrees outside! The process of cleaning your room may not be all that fun, but it’s the aftermath that is sure to make you feel good.

Tip No. 2: Get your homework done early

Google Classroom App on a smartphone
Apps like Google Classroom are great for staying organized and keeping track of assignments.

Believe me, I know, homework isn’t fun. However, if you have nothing else to do, getting your homework done early will keep you stress-free when it comes to due dates and will give you more time to kick back and relax – all while keeping you occupied at the same time! Get your homework done early and BOOM! More time for binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Not to mention, you’ll forget about the blizzard that is occurring directly outside your window.

Tip No. 3: Exercise

Lifting weights is a simple yet effective way of exercise. A set a day keeps the flab away!

People tend to eat more in the winter due to boredom and seasonal depression. However, hopping on that treadmill and doing those squats for even just 20 minutes a day can help avoid both the boredom and the depression that winter can bring. You’ll feel refreshed, fit, and occupied as you break that sweat! Give it a try – it might just become your new hobby and you won’t even care about the fact that it’s been three days without sunshine!

Tip No. 4: Make fun plans with friends and family

Snapchat chat screen. Text: wanna go to the mall on friday?
Communication is key! All it takes is a simple text and you’re in store for an awesome time with your friends or family.

Whether you’re a people person or not, you can’t deny the fact that doing something fun with your friends and family always brings a good time! Ask your family if they want to go see a movie or even just go out to eat. Put your best friends in a group chat and see if they want to go bowling or shopping at the mall. Once you’re all together, you never know what the day will bring you from there! You’ll be having such a good time with your friends and family that you’ll completely forget that it’s only January and you still have at least a month-and-a-half left of the bitter cold, but who’s counting, right?

Tip No. 5: Make some extra cash

Fanned-out dollar bills
Cha-ching! Putting in some extra work not only keeps you busy, but is rewarding too.

They say money can’t buy happiness, but that’s definitely not the case in the winter. Pick up an extra shift or two at work, shovel your neighbors’ driveways, and sell those clothes that don’t fit you anymore! This may sound tedious and tiring, but it’s the extra money in the end that will make it all worth it. By the time you finish counting that cash, the foot of snow will already have taken over your town! Looking for a job to keep you busy? Click here.

Winter may suck, but if you keep yourself busy and occupied, it will become completely irrelevant and will have no impact on your mood whatsoever. Hang in there Panthers—it’ll be summer before you know it!

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