On April 7 rapper Nate Feuerstein, better known by his stage name of “NF,” released a new album that he dubbed “Hope.” This is NF’s fifth studio album and a continuation of masterful storytelling through his music. The album...
Metal bands rarely garner mainstream attention or success, and the few times that they do, they are criticized for “selling out” or using too many “clean vocals” (singing, to normal people). But what happens when, in perfect circumstances, a band can retain their experimental and abrasive qualities while also drawing in new fans through the accessible and catchy side of their music?
Pop sensation Miley Cyrus has reached new heights in her career, following the release of her latest album “Endless Summer Vacation”. Since its release, the record has been swarmed with praise by both fans and critics alike. Both trending worldwide and topping the charts, “Endless Summer Vacation” has rightfully grabbed the attention of audiences around the world. The project manages to be diverse and cohesive, while still remaining true to Cyrus’s character.
In this episode of Slay or Nay, 42Fifty editors Austin Lamb and Zander Haas share their track-by-track opinions on “We’re Not Here To Be Loved” by alternative metal and shoegaze band Fleshwater.
In this episode, members of the 42Swifties crew ask several OHS students and staff members what their favorite songs by Taylor Swift are. Throughout the month of January, we visited the lunchroom on multiple occasions and questioned any faculty we ran into in the halls.