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Editors: Jeremy Davis and Andrew Provost

| Theater Editor: Annabelle Rivera


On the seventeenth of November, Oswego High School’s local talent gathered to perform for a good cause. The night included treats, drinks, entertainment, and a student staff. This slideshow contains a few captured moments during the event. Some students had...
I know. I think I know exactly what you are thinking right now, and it’s about the fact that I cease to shut up about music. To that I say, without outlets to help you find new music like me, how would you be able to expand your listening habits? However, I don’t want to give all the credit to myself, as that would be selfish. Therefore, I am here to provide you with even more outlets to discover new music while trapped inside for quarantine. Here are 5 ways that I believe you could use to expand your music listening while stuck inside to avoid the pandemic.
The band started writing, producing and mixing their own music in the living room of their apartment in Manhattan. They started with a harmonica, a piano, and a bass, but now they play a variety of musical instruments.

Fortnite Update

Epic Games came out with a Fortnite update on Feb. 3, called 2.4.0 patch. The update was actually delayed due to server issues as it was supposed to be released on Feb. 1. The creators added a mini-gun which...
“The Goldfinch,” based off the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Donna Tart, does manage to tell an intriguing story that is ultimately undermined by its lackluster writing and performances. The movie follows Theo...

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