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Over each weekend, I will be giving a listen or two to the top three most popular songs (determined by iTunes and Spotify chart performance and ratings) released from that Friday/anything from that same week. By Monday or Tuesday of each week, you can expect a full review on the top three releases and whether to “play or nay” them.
Cinema, and any other art form really, can be classified on a scale. On one end is the documentary, which contains real and live events being documented to the audience. On the other lies the avant garde, where everything is abstract, experimental, and not only break the rules of cinema and storytelling, but of reality itself.
"Noises Off!" is the first play of the school year to hit the Oswego High School stage. The production features a play-within-a-play narrative that takes viewers behind the scenes of a doomed production. The...
I have to admit, I was not sold on the trailers. The movie seemed cheesy and formulaic with nothing new being brought to the table. As it turns out, I was dead wrong, as this is one of the best films of the year so far.
Welcome to “Bands C.J. likes,” a series in which I, C.J. Hellinger, will review a variety of obscure bands, and why I like them so much. There will be a new entry every few weeks, so be...

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