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Now, this one is a classic, and if you haven’t seen it already, it is a must-see. “The Hunt for Red October,” directed by John McTiernan, is one of those movies that just doesn’t get old. It is a brilliant film that is based off a novel, which was written by Tom Clancy.
Each year, developers continue to work on and release new games to keep gamers interested. Some of the upcoming games being released this year have been in the works for years, and fans have been eagerly waiting for their release date.

Stranger Things 2

Warning: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! READ MORE AT YOUR OWN RISK! The second season of Stranger Things takes place a year after the events of the first. It continues the conflicts between the characters and The Upside Down. The plot...
If you couldn’t already tell from their name, this band consistently favors the strange, unexpected and the experimental.
It was a bit of a struggle to decide what songs to review this week because of the fact that nothing really stood out to me. After reading my reviews, you will probably understand why it was a challenge. Let's get to it.

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