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21st Century Journalism is the beginning journalism course at Oswego High School and serves as a prerequisite to Digital Journalism (the 42Fifty production class) and Yearbook Journalism. Students learn about how to be responsible producers and consumers of digital media, and occassionally have their work published here!

After a devastating accident, OHS sophomore Reggie Townsend primes for his big comeback Nov. 7, 2018: a day that was an expectedly exciting one for sophomore Reggie Townsend. The perennial star for the...
Tank tops, crop tops and shorts are usually a topic discussed during summertime, but here at Oswego High School, students are questioning their clothing choice in reference to what they believe is an unfair dress code. One student in...
These are the stories of three students who lost something of importance to them. After going through either panic or instant resignation to their lost item’s fate, they have now accepted their losses.
The wall of honor is dedicated to recognizing past and present students who have or are going to be serving the United States military. This tradition includes a ceremony, in which students are recognized in front of the school. ...
I round the door of sophomore Xania Kimberly Ward’s classroom and see that she is alone, silent, on her phone. In fact, as I glance around while walking toward her, the whole classroom is silent and on their phones.

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