School intruder quiz: How prepared are you?

With the rising amount of school shootings in the United States and recent events at our own Oswego High School, it is important to know what to do in case of an intruder. Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of what to do in intruder situations.

Internet challenges: Have they gone too far?

Internet Challenges are a recent trend that teens have taken on to gain the approval of others. It usually starts out with a video being posted on a social media platform, which people then strive to imitate.

Dealing with stress: An unofficial guide

With school starting up again, students may be pressured and stressed with all of the assignments they have to do. Having high stress messes with your physical and emotional wellbeing and your ability to be efficient, think clearly and enjoy life. Stress management done correctly allows you to live a productive, healthy and happy life. Here are the steps you can take toward dealing with your stress.
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