How to stay in shape during quarantine

Now that the majority of the United States, including Illinois, is under quarantine, many restaurants, jobs, gyms, cinemas, and stores are closed...

Time management: An unofficial guide

Here are some ways to help plan your time wisely.
Sticky note that reads "the only cure to senioritis is graduation"

BriGuy’s 6 tips on dealing with senioritis

Are you feeling like you want to do the minimum amount of work, and you just want to sit down and kick...
Photo of the month: Mr. Pelzer

Photo and graphic of the month: February

The February photo and graphic of the month has been chosen! The winner of the photo of the month goes to News...
Civic in a parking lot

How to install a windshield banner In this video, 42Fifty staff videographers Wylie Marquis Daniel Wiltfong show you how to install a...

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