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#SJW2019: What journalism means to us

Journalism to me is inspiration.
'7 rings' album cover

Is Ariana Grande a plagiarist?

The life of a famous person can be littered with controversies. Ariana Grande is one of the most famous pop stars at the moment, and she has found a way to land herself into a bit of a scuffle. Grande has been accused of plagiarizing her newest single “7 Rings” from rappers Princess Nokia, Soulja Boy, 2 Chainz. Plagiarism is taking something that someone else created and passing it off as your own.
The older of the two is very curious, not sure whether to approach or hide.

Caring for a Leopard Gecko

Geckos are super easy to take care of and surprisingly fun to watch and play with. Unlike a dog, a gecko won’t destroy any furniture, and you’ll never have to watch your step in the backyard.

Decade’s almost over: Time to reflect on the news

Wow, how time has past—it feels like just yesterday I was bringing in the New Year of 2010, the beginning of a new decade. It was a time of new songs, world events, and technology. It seems so bizarre that this decade is almost over! In this series, I will be reflecting on different topics that have happened since the decade has started.
Junior Max Dakovac waiting to go on the ice during a hockey game

Photo & graphic of the month: January

After careful consideration, I am proud to announce that our Features Editor Jacob Anderson has won photo of the month, and Podcast Editor Ryan Boone has won graphic of the month.

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