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Kenzie Cook, Former Blog Editor

Hello! I am Kenzie Cook, and I have been apart of the 42Fifty staff since sophomore year. I am currently a junior in highschool and am very active with our school drama club. I have been a part of the winter play as a ditsy fish named Sheral Thomason to an old grandma who played in an Americanized television soap. Yet I am currently invested in and infatuated with our journalism website. Though I moved from texas here sophomore year, I can tell you that this website is the key source to gaining all sorts of information on current topics that surround our school. I am very happy to be Blog Editor for our website.

Fume hood no good! Odor leak forces partial evacuation, hold-in-place

OHS students in the hallway

Due to a chemical outbreak in the science department, Oswego High School only had a seven-period day on Thursday, Nov. 29, as a result of a hold-in-place called by Principal Mr. Michael Wayne.

A case against plastic straws

Kenzie Cook

I believe banning plastic straws is very important for our environment. This would decrease the death rates of sea life that swallow plastic that’s tossed into our oceans, and most importantly, we would succeed in environmental growth and reparation.

Internet challenges: Have they gone too far?

Internet Challenges are a recent trend that teens have taken on to gain the approval of others. It usually starts out with a video being posted on a social media platform, which people then strive to imitate.