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Andrew Provost, Entertainment Editor

Twilight? More like Dark Knight! Can Robert Pattinson succeed as the new Batman?

Satirical magazine cover for "Gotham Weekly"

Holy crummy casting, Batman!” At least that’s what a lot of fanboys started saying when the news dropped that the caped crusader would be played by none other than the glittery vampire himself: Robert Pattinson. And believe me, before I started writing this article, I was one of them.

Rest in peace, Captain Spaulding: A tribute to Sid Haig

Sid Haig in Spider Baby

Though he was already 80 when he passed, for many of his fans, it felt far too soon. I know, because I am one of them.

‘The Banana Splits Movie’ is a lot of fun for everyone

"The Banana Splits Movie" "Lots of fun for everyone"

“The Banana Splits Movie.” The title itself probably raises a few questioning eyebrows. I mean, it sounds like some sort of cutesie romantic comedy set in an ice cream shop, right? Well, don’t be confused. This movie most certainly isn’t cute, and a romantic comedy it is not.

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