Having to do schoolwork on electronics instead of in person has proven to be very complicated and has also interfered with the part time jobs of Oswego High School’s students. 

Many high school students have struggled with maintaining their jobs and keeping excellent grades, forcing them to choose between the two. Others have actually chosen to keep up the tough lifestyle so they can help the best they can at home.

“In all honesty… it’s been really tough on me to pay attention during my school hours considering I am able to get distracted by a lot in my home and I really couldn’t let my grades slip anymore, so I had to give it up,” sophomore Tyler Rinearson said. Rinearson worked as a local pet sitter and babysitter for his neighborhood.

Some students have had to give up their jobs because of the possibility of receiving a poor grade-point average. Keeping up with work and trying to stay focused on passing this semester has proven to be quite difficult, but it’s not like this for all teenagers.

“I actually had to get a job so I could help out around the house and even pay my own gas money for when I need to drive my siblings places,” sophomore Alysa Petersohn said.

Petersohn has maintained a busy lifestyle while working as a seasonal member for Kohls during this pandemic, but has been able to work even harder to have the best grades possible. 

“It’s really difficult to keep up with everything going on, but I hate to see my parents look so overworked, so I want to help out as best as I can. Unfortunately, my manager wasn’t very understanding that even though I want to try to help out, school is still my number one priority, ” Petersohn said. 

Regardless of needing money, trying to help at home, or even finding a way to socialize with others, this year, some students have even gone out of their way to try to get a job. 

“Yeah, I haven’t had any luck getting a job. Especially recently,” junior Nolan Olson said. “So many people have been applying to places that it feels like there are barely any available jobs left in the area. I feel like some students are desperate to the point where they would go to work during school hours, but I really wouldn’t be able to do that.”

What Olson had said was indeed true, some students were in fact going to work during the school day. Some teachers would admit that it’s both shocking and frustrating to have their kids miss class for their job.

“School is school, you only go once in your life,” choir teacher Frank Teiri said. “I’ve had a case during the second period where one of my students was always driving to work and had to leave fifteen minutes into class, he doesn’t even show up now. There was another time where most of my older students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) would say they were too busy with work to look over our music or do any of the piano assignments.”

Having to work around a certain schedule for fitting in times to do homework, participate in live calls, and socialize with family members within the household is definitely strenuous, but not impossible. Every student and teacher have had their fair share of experiences with having to adjust their work schedules and homework or even school time. 

“It may be frustrating and difficult to participate in so many activities right now, whether it be work, school, family time, or sports, but I guess in the end it’s worth it because I feel having to adjust to all this really will help me in the future,” sophomore Gavin Velarde said.

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