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Teacher Feature: Mrs. Molly Shulte


Mrs. Molly Shulte is a teacher at Oswego High School that has been teaching at the high school for 12 years. 

“I teach Algebra 2 and ATM,  a new math class that we have this year,” Mrs. Shulte said. 

ATM, which stands for Advanced Topics in Math, is a new class that the school has this year specifically for upperclassmen. Only seniors can take it because they could earn dual credit for it in college. Once they transfer to college they will be one year advanced in Math. 

However, in order to get the Dual Credit, they have to pass the class with a C or better in both semesters. If they don’t pass the class they have to take the state’s test to see where they are at and they are placed in a class based on the way they scored. Advanced Topics In Math is a very helpful class because it guides students to take the right path and helps them with their careers later on in life. 

“I like the fact that the class teaches you things that you can use later on in life,” says senior Belal Qattum. “In the problems, we have to complete there are real-life scenarios that tell us what we should do in certain situations,” said Belal Qattum.

Mrs. Shulte holds a very fun class, throughout the day she has a good amount of students that participate on an everyday basis. 

“I love the interaction with , I love their personalities, I love how they bring joy into my day every day,” Mrs. Shulte said. 

Mrs. Shulte teaches many upper and lower classmen. “I have Mrs. Shulte for seventh hour, in that class she teaches atm,” says senior Jonathan Trujillo. “She is a very good teacher. She always helps me with stuff I have concerns with. She is very understanding of everything and I love her way of teaching. It really helps me understand math.”

Mrs. Shulte is a great teacher and she is always willing to help her students out with stuff they need help with. 

“I have Mrs. Shulte 6th hour, she teaches ATM,” says Qattum. “I enjoy having her as a teacher. She is very friendly and helpful.”

Another student in Mrs. Shulte’s ATM class had also said the same thing. 

“I have Mrs. Shulte 6th hour, and during my class, a lot of my classmates interact with her. They participate a lot and make the class fun. I think this class is one of my favorite classes,” says senior Rodrigo Munoz.  

A lot of students enjoy her class simply because she makes it fun to learn and she helps out the students that usually struggle a lot in math. She is always offering her help and making sure the students have no concerns with anything. 

“Mrs. Shulte makes sure we understand the lesson we are getting taught that day very well, she gives us a lot of examples, and guides us little by little,” said Munoz. “I had her as a teacher since I was a junior and I have never been good at math, but ever since I’ve had her as a teacher., … scoring high on my math tests and not only that but understanding the units very well.” 

Mrs. Shulte pushes all her students to do better. She likes seeing her students becoming successful in whatever career path they choose, and she cares about her students’ education and wants to see each and every one of them succeed in life. At the beginning of the year she created a fun activity for the seniors to motivate themselves every day to do better no matter what and to put one hundred percent effort in their work every day. 

“I remember in the beginning of the school year, had us write down one thing that was motivating us to graduate or … one goal we had after we graduated and how we were going to accomplish it… she made us write it down on a notecard,” Trujillo said. “She hung everyone’s notecard up around the classroom and has kept it up there since, that way every time we walked in the classroom, we would see our notecard and motivate ourselves to do better.”

Mrs. Shulte supports and encourages her students to do better each and every day, and she is always there to help out her students with any questions and concerns they have with not only math but also outside of class. She is always there to lend an ear to someone and help out anyone who needs it. 

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