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#SJW2019: What journalism means to us


Scholastic Journalism week celebrates student voices and our right to free expression. Now more than ever, a free press is essential to maintaining our democracy. As we celebrate the First Amendment this week, the student staffs of 42Fifty and The Reflector are also thinking more about why journalism matters.

Journalism to me is inspiration. Something that mixes both writing and photography, English and art in different kinds of mediums. Journalism to me is a creative outlet and a potential future.

– Photography and Art Editor Mack Hulke

Journalism to me means being able to express yourself through the power of words while also informing the general public.

– Managing Editor Jamani Reed

Journalism is the power to inform. As a person in the world, everyone is entitled to having the right to be informed. For me, that gives me the power to make everyone knowledgeable.

– Managing Editor Jacob Anderson

Journalism to me is the ability to spread and create work that others can learn from. Telling the truth and nothing but the truth is the most important part.

Reflector Editor Emily Ochoa

Journalism is capturing the moment in its truest form. Its telling a story through the pictures and stories.

Reflector Editor Anthony Furman
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