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Roar In The Jungle: What do you think about Cody Parkey?


On the cold night of Jan. 6, Chicago Bears fans gathered to watch their team face the Philadelphia Eagles in the playoff game. This season gave locals a glimmer of hope, with even the NFC North Champions title. The future sure did seem bright at the time.
At the time.

  Many Bears fans were outraged when Cody Parkey missed a potential game winning field goal. This resulted in the Bears losing to the Eagles 15-16. The frustrating play went public quickly, and Oswego is in on it. Here are some of the reactions of Oswego High School students on the whole situation.

Rolando Delgado
Rolando Delgado

“I think it was a tragic thing for all Bears fans, because this season seemed very special with everything that’s going on.”

– Senior Rolando Delgado

Johnny Werle
Johnny Werle

“I’m just really mad, ‘cause how do you miss so many field goals in a single season? You could have helped the team go to at least the next round, but you kicked the field goal and you couldn’t even make it from 43 yards. How does that happen so many times in one season? He better get cut from the team, I’m just salty.”

– Sophomore Johnny Werle

David Wilson
David Wilson

Junior David Wilson- “I was really mad at first because it was a hard-work season that was just thrown away for nothing. But then I saw in the replay that it was tipped, so it iswhat it is, and it just happens.”

– Junior David Wilson

Steve Udy
Steve Udy

“I just feel really bad for because he is getting all this hate. I mean, it was tipped, so it wasn’t 100 percent his fault—but I just feel really bad for him.”

– Junior Steve Udy

In the end, it seems like many OHS students were let down by the Cody Parkey’s missed field goal. They are definitely not alone – since the whole situation, the public took their frustrations to the internet with fitting memes and strongly worded letters to Parkey. At OHS, the students have grieved the loss in different ways, whether it be hating Parkey outright or internalizing the pain. The hate versus forgiveness ratio is definitely tipped towards the resentment side… just like the ball.

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