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Staff Spotlight: Ms. Hardy


All teachers are great people and have great personalities. The impacts they have on their students is greatly appreciated. Ms. Mary Hardy is one of these teachers, and she has been teaching for 14 years at Oswego High School as a special education teacher.

She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Iowa, and later went back to Northern Illinois University to earn her degree in special education. She then went to Benedictine University to earn her master’s degree.

When asked about what her biggest struggle in life has been, Ms. Hardy referred to the unfortunate loss of her mother. After her mother had passed away after a minor surgery, it was difficult for her to come back to school as a happy person.

“It was the students that kept me going,” Ms. Hardy said.

The amount of love she has for her students is what keeps her going even after her mother passed away. She still comes to school happy and ready to teach her students because she cares about them personally as human beings. Ms. Hardy loves her job even after her mother passed away. Her students were there to comfort her and make her happy during her rough time.

Ms. Hardy is a great teacher and person. The way that she cares about her students is amazing. When asked about what her favorite part about this job is, she says she loves interacting with students. Whether it’s in the hallway or in the classroom, she loves to build relationships with people. She wants her students to know that she cares about them as a person, not just because they are in her classroom.

This is exactly why she enjoys coming to school every day because there are so many good kids here at OHS.

“One of my students can make my day, and then I want to pay it forward and make someone else’s day,” Ms. Hardy said. “It’s like a routine: find someone and make their day, and pass it on.”

The way that Ms. Hardy cares about her students and her job is outstanding. Our school is lucky to have her here with us. She is a great person and teacher who loves her job as much as her students. She has a great heart.

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