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OHS students participate in “See You at the Pole”

Students pray around the OHS flagpole on the morning of Sept. 26. (Tyler Jackson)

On Sept. 26, Oswego High School students prayed at the school flagpole as a part of “See You at the Pole.” About 17-19 students attended the event hosted by the Fish Club, the school’s club for Christian students. The club led prayers in the cold morning about the well-being of the students and the school itself.

While “See You at the Pole” began in Texas with students doing it on their own accord, it has since grown into a national movement. The movement encourages students to “meet at the school flagpole before school to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school, and nation to God,” according to its website.

On the brisk morning, the local teenagers prayed about many things. Their prayers often involved the well-being of the school, spreading the word of God and having the courage to be brave. The circle of students that started with ten people grew as it got closer to 7 a.m., when more students began to gather around the flagpole in fellowship with each other.

For more information on Fish Club, contact Mr. Greg Pelzer at gpelzer@sd308.org.

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