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The False Alarm: Reactions to Aug. 23 lockdown


On Aug. 23, the first full week of school at Oswego High School, a lockdown was initiated. Many students and staff thought it was a drill, and treated it as so. It wasn’t until they heard the words “false alarm” when they realized how real the alert was. A few students and staff members share their reactions and impressions of the incident, as well as what we can learn from it.

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Hey, I’m Riah, and I’ve been on staff for 42Fifty before it was really 42Fifty. I’ve been making videos for Oswego High School journalism since freshman year, and it has been great watching the program grow. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a workaholic obsessed with my video and film work. I’m excited to be an Editor-in-Chief for my senior year.


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