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The crisis trilogy: Stories of love and loss


Losing things important to you is like a squirrel losing the nuts it buried in your backyard. It is definitely sad for the squirrel, but it is hilarious for those of us watching from afar.

These are the stories of three students who lost something of importance to them. After going through either panic or instant resignation to their lost item’s fate, they have now accepted their losses.

The Blind Dilemma

Sophomore Lauren Christie
Sophomore Lauren Christie

Sophomore Lauren Christie tragically lost her glasses on a trip to the Indiana Rapids.

“I just went into the water and the waves were really big, and then I was like, ‘oh,my glasses are gone,’ and I couldn’t find them,” Christie says.

Clearly, if you go to a fun place like the Indiana Rapids, you’d want to be able to actually see and experience everything.

For Christie, sadly, she saw the rest of her trip in around 240p.

The Lost Future

Senior Mercedes Castellanos

Senior Mercedes Castellanos shares her story about losing her ‘Odd Future’ shirt. Castellanos had lost it during a stay in a beach house while in Florida. She went swimming the previous day and and left everything out to dry on a pool table.

“I was digging through my bag for it and I was like, ‘Oh my god’, cause somehow all our clothes got mixed up. I got some of my aunt’s clothes and she got some of mine so I was like, ‘Oh my god, do you have it?’,” Castellanos shares. “I was freaking out.”

Even though in a sense it was not her absolute favorite shirt in the world, Castellanos was still anxious about it. “I’m pretty sure threw it out,” Castellanos shares.

The Handheld Treasure

Losing anything that costs over $50 is very frightening, but something over $100 results in pure panic. The loss of anything higher might as well haunt your dreams for the rest of your life. Sophomore Jordan Avila knows the feeling.

“It was an iPhone, but it was one of my dad’s hand-me-downs,” Avila shares. “I thought I put it in my jacket, and I ended up slipping, so it kind of fell out.”

Avila’s parents, of course, were quite upset by the loss of her iPhone.

As a punishment for losing her phone, she was grounded for three months. In that time, Avila “read, which is what I usually did on my phone. I just used actual books and listened to music during that time; we still had iPods or computers where you just play your music.”

Sophomore Jordan Avila

Avila’s misfortune is now the least important thing on her mind, much like Mercedes Castellanos Odd Future shirt, and Lauren Christie’s glasses. In the beginning, things were made, during that time the ability to lose things was also made.  

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