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Pie in the Face for a Cause

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Tomorrow, May 4 students will get to pie one of their teachers in the face, now to some that might sound awesome but how do you get the privilege to do that?

Well all of this week people have been collected money for various charities. Each teacher represents a different charity and whichever charity raises the most money gets pied in the face. Also out of all the different choices whichever teacher wins all the money donated for the different teachers goes to that charity.

It sounds like a win-win, you get to donate to something to make yourself feel better and you get to see someone get pied in the face!

Every lunch period there will be a different teacher to pick from, so go pick a teacher and donate during your lunch period while you still cancan and see one of your teachers get pied in the face.

Joshua Leforce covers events at OHS and in Oswego. He can be contacted by email at: 61001302@students.sd308.org or you can also contact the publication directly at: 42fifty@sd308.org

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