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Girls Soccer: Crosstown Game Ends in Tie

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By Jasmine Murray 42Fifty Staff Writer

Oswego High School’s junior varsity Panthers overcome recent loss by tying 1-1 to rival Wolves.

JV OPS had home field advantage while facing off against crosstown rival Oswego East Wolves, being their sixth home game of the season. The tied redeemed OPS after a 4-0 loss away against Naperville Central.

Team players McKenna Engler and Viviana Vizvarra contributed to the Panthers’ team advancements, with  Engler’s quick and strong advancements at the top, winning almost every ball given to her, as well as putting one up in the first half off of a penalty shot. Vizcarra put up several crosses and long balls for shot attempts up top, and was an impenetrable force on the back line. With a great team effort, the Panthers were able to score early and not let in anymore goals for a secured tie.

JV Head coach Brian Falli, who has been coaching JV girls soccer for over four years, had several thoughts about both the game and the teams playing: “We really worked hard, but I think we could have done way better. The team wasn’t connecting passes as much as they should have been, but they were making runs like we did in practice. One big issue we had was communicating, they weren’t talking and calling for balls. Overall, we played well but could have had way more put up. We just have a lot to work on for the next game.”

The JV Panthers’ record is now 9-5-1, and they are striding and progressing to overcome their tie and start a new win streak.

OPS’ next game will be away against St. Charles East at St. Charles East High School on April 30. Come out and show your support!

Jasmine Murray covers entertainment and OHS school events. She can be reached at 24000101@students.sd308.org Or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org

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