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OHS SkillsUSA Finalists

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by Jennifer Ruegsegger 42Fifty Staff Writer

18 of our own students of Oswego High School competed in the state competition known as SkillsUSA.

SkillsUsa is an organization that encourages  and empowers students to become world-class leaders, workers, and responsible citizens of America. It also betters the quality of America’s future workforce. They achieve this by the development of Framework skills that include personal, workplace, and technical skills in academics.

Those who finalized in first place will move on to Louisville during the summer to compete at Nationals.

Here is how our students placed:

In Advertising Design, Matt Tudder took second place.

For Cabinet Making, our students took every place. With David Greenwood in third, Kyle Kelty in second, and Stephen Waite taking first.

In the Commercial Baking, Ava Weyrich claimed second with Madelyn Valenzuela taking first place.

With Culinary Arts, Savannah Saavedra took third place.

And finally in Photography, Brenna Clausen took third place. She was accompanied on the podium with Kassi Garci, who took first place.

If you see any of these students in the hallways of OHS, please congratulate them on their success. And also make sure to wish the ones that took first place at State. Good luck for Nationals.

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