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Narcan Now Available In Nurses’ Office

Vile of Naloxone or Narcan

By: Lauren Sannito 42Fifty Staff Writer

Narcan (Naloxone) Nasal Spray is now available at Oswego High School, Oswego East High School, and East View Academy. District 308 got together with Dupage County Narcan Program to discuss how the Narcan Program can provide the nasal spray for our school district. Both District 308, and the Dupage County Narcan Program both wish and hope in the future that they can expand this product to all district buildings, and schools.

The medical definition for the Narcan Nasal Spray is, opioid antagonist which can reverse the symptoms associated with an opioid overdose. An opioid is usually, a drug that reacts with the nervous system to relieve pain. Some of these opioid drugs include pain killers, and even illegal drugs like heroin, and when used at high doses it can cause problems to breathe. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, have stated that an opioid overdose is becoming a more probable cause of death than a car crash. Within the past ten years, the total for opioid overdose has tripled, if not quadrupled.

So not only will the school Nurse’s office have these Narcan sprays available, but all school resource officers will carry them as well. This Narcan Nasal Spray will be located in a yellow box, right when you walk into the nurse’s office, which is also where the school’s Epi pens are. This Nasal spray could possibly save lives in any school setting, and with the uprise of opioid overdoses, using these Narcan nasal spray will become more of a necessity throughout high schools nationwide.

Lauren Sannito covers both, Oswego High School and community news. She can be reached at 61001122@students.sd308.org Or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org

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