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Staff Spotlight: Ms. Vick

Ms. Vick

By Hope Fisher 42Fifty Staff Writer

Congratulations Ms. Cynthia Vick for being awarded this month’s staff spotlight! Ms. Vick believes that students should always care about their work, more important that they are smiling.

Before Ms. Vick worked at Oswego, she attended Western Illinois University to get her degree in journalism, and changed to microbiology. She then went to Hines VA School of Medical Technology and became a certified medical technologist. After three years, Ms. Vick decided she wanted to teach so she went to get her teaching certificate at Aurora University.

Ms. Vick realized she had a love for teaching while working with children at the hospital. She said “I loved it, and I loved teaching them and our director of the laboratory at Hines VA hospital actually came in and saw me teaching the kids and told me that I was in the wrong profession, that I should really be teaching.”

Ms. Vick says that her favorite part of teaching is that “I like making a difference in the kids lives. I really like the creativity of teaching,and if you’re not using your creativity you’re doing it wrong.” Her teaching style is very interactive.

Outside of school she cares heavily for her daughter, dance, reading, and crafts. She is also active in coaching the Step team, Poms, FFA club, Floral Design team, Horticulture club, and is the Dance Team sponsor at Oswego East for a few years.

After it is all said and done, Ms. Vick hopes that the main thing her students take away from being in her classes is how much she cares for them. She tries to build relationships with the students and take an interest in their daily lives.

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