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Oswego High School Royalty: Prom Court 2018

2018 OHS Prom Court Members

By Lilye Adkins 42Fifty Staff Writer

As I entered the school on the morning of April 9, there were two main topics of conversation among students in the halls:

  1. “Why on Earth was it snowing in April?”
  2. “Who had been nominated for Prom Court?”

The morning announcements couldn’t go by fast enough for students like Alena Neal who campaigned all last week with posters and candy to convince students to vote for her. The moment of truth had finally come, Ms. Larsen began to read the names off one by one for prom court.

“Joel Rojas, Jacob Farley, Brandon Guernsey, Mitch Bradford, Nina Velazquez, Alena Neal, Kaylee Zimbelmann, and Tahany Harb please come down to the main office and claim your sashes.” Ms. Larsen announced.

As I watched the students file in one by one, excitement filled the room as they were congratulated by the office workers and Ms. Larsen.

“I can’t believe this actually is happening…what an honor!” Tahany Harb repeated as the reality settled in that she had been nominated.

Each student was given a white rose and a black and gold sash to honor their nomination. I asked both Kaylee Zimbelmann and Joel Rojas about how they felt after being nominated.

“I was actually really surprised. I was sitting in class and I was like ‘Okay whatever’ and they called my name and I was like ‘Wait what?’ It didn’t sink in at first. It’s super cool though.” Kaylee said.

Joel has a slightly different take on his nomination, saying, “Hopefully this helps my WWE career out in the future…”

Voting for King and Queen is now open and will remain open until Friday, April 13. You can vote by checking your student email and clicking on the link sent to you by the administration.

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