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What Is National Athletic Training Month?

Oswego High School Athletic Training

By: Lauren Sannito 42Fifty Staff Writer

As March is coming to a close, so is National Athletic Training Month. Many people may not know what NATM is. NATM, National Athletic Training Month, is to spread awareness about the hard work athletic trainers do. There is even different slogans, every March, that represent the theme for that year’s NATM. This year’s theme is, “Compassionate Care For All”. In fact, in Illinois there is even a Sports Medicine Symposium, where student athletic trainers use their knowledge to compete against other schools, with tests revolving around what a athletic trainer should know, such as CPR, the skeletal system, etc. So, plenty of events occur to raise awareness toward the athletic training profession.

Most schools are not privileged enough to have a full time athletic trainer, or even a training room. About 55% of public high schools in the United States have a full time athletic trainer, and only about 37% of private high schools have an athletic trainer. Most athletic trainers may work between 50-70 hours a week. That is why there is a designated month to appreciate them, and learn more information on just what your ATC, athletic trainer, does for your team.

Oswego High School has it’s very own group of athletic trainers. Including both certified athletic trainers, and students. The OATS, Oswego Athletic Training Students, actually went to a symposium earlier this month where they competed in several events, and also listened to several speakers. As part of the Sports Medicine curriculum, it is required that you make some sort of informational video that explains the theme of NATM, and what athletic trainers do. Students at Oswego High School can partake in this by joining the sports medicine class. It is a year long class, and requires about 500 hours throughout the course during the school year.

National Athletic Training Month is used to spread awareness, and show student athletes, and even pro athletes just how much athletic trainers do for them. The stats show that about 45% of public high schools don’t even have that privilege, and about 63% of private high schools don’t have that privilege either. Schools don’t realize just how lucky they are to have that athletic trainer/trainers. Especially those that have a sports medicine program to teach students, and give them hands on experiences with actual injuries. High school athletic trainers do about $600,000 worth of work, which saves the parents of the injured athlete money out of their pocket. Not only do athletic trainers do treatments on injuries, but for prevention as well. The evaluate you, and then decide what road to go down to make sure that the athlete out on the field, or court, is safe.

So, if you see you’re athletic trainer, give them a quick thank you. They work day in, and day out to keep athletes safe, and deserve a pat on the back for it!

Lauren Sannito covers both, Oswego High School and community news. She can be reached at 61001122@students.sd308.org Or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org


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