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How Art Shapes and Influences the Students at Oswego High School

Oswego High School Visual Arts Crest
Oswego High School Visual Arts Crest

By Brenna Clausen 42Fifty Staff Writer

Throughout all four years of high school I have taken every fine art class and digital design class offered. The art classes have positively influenced my character and who I am as a person today.

However this year there has been several debates concerning whether fine arts is beneficial or worth having at Oswego High School. I personally cannot imagine my high school career without the world of art, and hundreds of students would agree with me as well. I have decided to go behind the scenes and interview two senior art students, to get a real opinion on why having a fine arts program is so important.

I started my interview by talking to Luke Pisha. Luke is a senior and has always been involved in art, he originally started out with fine art classes and he then moved onto discovering he also has passions for design and photography.

When I asked Luke how art has shaped him he responded with how art has helped him open up and branch out of his comfort zone and make new friends.

Pisha stated, ”The art department gives students a chance to delve into their creative side. Whether or not they are serious about pursuing an art career in the future, everyone finds something they enjoy about the art classes offered here. Also, you are able to meet a variety of people in the art department. I have found that a lot of people like me who are on the shy side typically are the ones who take art classes. What I have also noticed is that those same people end up opening up coming out of their shell. This is because they have found people with similar interests that they can identify and bond with. Some people who in the past I thought I would never talk to have ended up becoming some of my closest friends”.  

Many students like Pisha struggle with shyness, and the art program not only helps you grow as an artist, but the art program helps you discover who you are as a person and it helps you branch out and make great friends.

The next student I talked to is Kassi Garcia, she is also a senior and her high school career has revolved around design.

Kassi stated that the art teachers she has had have impacted and help shape her into a great person. “Because of the fine art programs at OHS I have discovered what career I want to pursue (Graphic Design and Photography), the programs here have helped me by giving me the needed tools to succeed and thrive in the world of art. Art is my world and without it I cannot imagine a positive high school career.”

The Fine Arts program here at Oswego are so important for hundreds of students just like Kassi and Luke. It is absolutely necessary to appreciate how art really does positively impact the students at this school.

Brenna Clausen covers the art and career and tech department at Oswego High School. Brenna Clausen can be reached at 21000016@students.sd308.org or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org

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