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By: Jake Salzbrunn 42Fifty Staff Writer

Oswego High School Girls Softball season is about to start. Their first game is March 21 at Sandwich. I caught up with the head coach of the team, Amanda Stanton. She has been coaching for 3 years now and brought the lady panthers to their first winning season since 1994 last year.

“I think we will have a really good season again” Coach Stanton said.

When I asked her how she sees the team, she stated, “We have a really good team, we have really good group of girls and they enjoy working hard and they want to win too, so we have high expectations for this season”

“I just feel like this group of girls they are just so positive, so energetic and they honestly love coming here that I’m just excited to show up every day and put them to work and see what they can do”, said Coach Stanton about why she is excited for this team.

The team this year is very junior heavy with only two seniors, Kayla Moky and Alex Schultz, and one sophomore Mikela Jagoda.

I asked her what one thing different last year to this year. She said “So difference wise, it definitely is that we’re still young but now that these juniors have been through the program for three years, they kind of know the culture they were the ones that changed the culture and I think since we have had a little bit of success last year, they are thirsty for more.”

Coach Stanton has one thing in mind about this season, “I am expecting us to have another winning record and hopefully, actually win regionals this year”

I also caught up with senior Kayla Moky. Kayla has played softball for all four years at Oswego High School. She will be continuing playing softball at Minnesota State.  

“I’m most excited cause this is my last season and I do feel like the success that we had last season is gonna make for a really strong season this year and we’re actually going to win regionals.” said Kayla when I asked her what she was excited for this year.

The Lady Panthers season hasn’t started yet but will be starting soon. Come out and support them on March 28 when they have their home opener against Geneva at 4:30 p.m. Crosstown games are April 16 when they are home, and May 10 when they are away at East.

Jake Salzbrunn covers Oswego High School sports. He can be reached at 12000240@students.sd308.org or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org

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