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March Madness

NCAA Basketball

March Madness

by  Noah Ferchen and Daniel Tiffany 42Fifty Staff Writers

Each year during mid-March, people come together through college basketball. As 68 teams make the tournament, people fill out brackets predicting who will win. Mainly for fun, many people bet on their brackets taking it very seriously. A good majority of people do not follow much college basketball until this time of year. The big term used to describe the NCAA Basketball tournament is “March Madness”. This year the madness began on March 15.

Around the school there is a buzz about March Madness, people talking about their bracket and asking about others as well. Everyone has different views, and many find different thrills throughout late March. Konlin Vicik, senior at Oswego said “the competition and knowing anybody could win on any given night is just exhilarating”. That has ultimately been very true as each year there seems to be quite a few day one upsets. This has drawn a lot of attention towards the tournament. Notably 11-seed George Mason, a school not many knew even existed, made it all the way to the Final Four. Just a few years later VCU, an 11-seed made it to the Final Four as well. The truth is, nobody really knows what is going to happen in March.

“These past few months are definitely a dry time in sports, so this tournament really livens things up, and brings excitement to the sports world.” said senior, Luke Fogarty. There’s not a lot of popularity during this time of the year because the sports that are in season are not close enough to the end of the season for playoffs.  This event draws a lot of attention around the sports world, due to the combination of betting and the variety of games in a short time. The March Madness tournament is popular with a wide range of ages and it even attracts people that don’t follow sports on a daily, or weekly basis.

The tournament consists of 68 teams, 8 of those teams play a play-in game which bring the tournament to 64 teams. The 64 teams are broken into 4 quadrants of 16 teams. This year the four 1 seeds are Xavier, Villanova, Virginia, and Kansas. There will be lots of competition between many different levels of teams to fight for first place.  This is a tournament that will be watched all throughout the United States and possibly a fan favorite of the year.

Noah Ferchen covers events happening around Oswego High School. He can be reached at 12000301@students.sd308.org or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org


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