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Who Took The Gold at the NEHS Winter Olympics?

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By Abigail Miller 42Fifty Staff Writer

On Tuesday March 6, 2018 Oswego High School’s National English Honor Society hosted a Winter Olympic Games taking place at 2:45 p.m in Room 249.

The event was trivia style and featured questions about each participating group’s subject area. Groups rotated members out for each question that was asked, so every competitor had a chance to answer questions from each category.

The Scholastic Bowl team was kind enough to let NEHS borrow some of their buzzers for the Winter Olympics. For each question, a representative from each team would come up to the buzzers. The first to buzz in would get a shot at answering the question.

Participants in the games included the National English Honor Society, Rho Kappa History Honor Society and the Oswego Athletic Trainers. The event was run by NEHS’s student leadership board and the NEHS sponsors, Mrs. Henricks and Mrs. Stegich.

Senior and NEHS Team Member Ashley Sanders was pumped up for this first time event.

“I’ve always had a passion for english,” Sanders said. “The Olympics were also a great way to show the other honor societies what made of”.

Teams huddled up in their respective corners of the room to strategize before the questions began. The winning team would only receive bragging rights, but even then the pressure was on.

“There was a competitive edge,” Sanders said. “But, all around, there were good vibes.”

The event went into a tie breaker round after each team had scored three points. Those answering the questions felt the weight of the team on their shoulders.

“I was a little anxious,” Sanders admitted with a laugh. “But overall, I believed in myself and the team that we’d do well”.

In the tiebreaker round, teams decided how many points they wanted to wager. If they answered correctly, these points would be doubled. After the final question, NEHS emerged victorious. The OATS finished second and Rho Kappa came in last.

Despite how they might have placed, each team was laughing with their teammates and was friendly towards the other competitors.

“ a pleasant surprise,” Sanders said. “Everyone had a lot of fun.”

NEHS hopes to run the event again next year with more honor societies involved. Many participants were juniors who could compete again next year, but even the seniors had some feedback.

“It seemed that the event was cut short,” Sanders commented. “If there were more questions or more honor societies involved, we could make it longer .”

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