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“I Have No Idea What This Election Is For”; What You Need to Know About March 20th

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“I Have No Idea What This Election Is For”; What You Need to Know About March 20th

By Daniela Ceja 42Fifty Staff Writer

On March 20, Illinois is conducting its 2018 primary election–an election that will dictate the November nominees for state governor, attorney general, and many more. The ballots are separated in terms of party affiliation, although no formal bipartisan declaration is necessary. The voter does, however, have to decide which party they will be voting on in this primary election–although a nonpartisan option is available also.

The offices up for the running include state governor, attorney general, and every seat in the House of Representatives. In regards to state governor, six Democrats and two Republicans are campaigning. Bruce Rauner is running for re-election and the only Republican running against him is Jeanne Ives. Among the Democrats are JB Pritzker, Chris Kennedy, and Daniel Biss.

Voting polls, at least in the Oswego area, can be found within the local elementary schools, village hall, and Oswego East High School. Voting polls are also in association clubhouses within certain suburbs.

In regards to how Oswego High School is participating in this primary election, a sample size of 100 students from the senior class were surveyed. Out of those students, 72 percent admitted to not having registered and 74 percent acknowledged their lack of information for this election.

“I have no idea what this election is for,” writes an anonymous senior student. And, judging from the survey results, they’re not the only one.

When asked where their main source of information was coming from, social media ranked most popular–36 percent of students saying social platforms were their main source of politics. Second place, at 34 percent, was given to news outlets.

All in all, what voters need to understand about March 20 is that it’s an open primary election and crucial for the general election in November. While being well-informed about every since House seat and state government office might seem daunting, it’s important that voters–especially new voters–participate.

Daniela Ceja covers local community and Oswego High School news and events. She can be reached at 42000551@students.sd308.org or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org.

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