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Can We Add Sports to Gym Classes?

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Can We Add Sports to Gym Classes?

By Erik Lenertz 42Fifty Staff Writer

There are some sports that I think are lacking from the gym classes. There are other sports that can be added that can broaden what students play and introduce them to new sports that they may be interested with.

One sport I think should be added to the class is bass fishing. I know many students that would love to have a fishing class due to their interest or already involvement in the sport.

Bass fishing is a sport that can be complex. It isn’t as black and white as football or basketball, which is the reason some of the students I know who would like to learn more don’t because they don’t know where to start.

A class that would teach the students what to use, when to use it, and where would be greatly helpful. Along with casting and being able to cast accurately consistently. Teaching students the different types and how to perform them. This is one sport that I would like to see added to help diversify the sports rather than just badminton or dance.

Another sport that I think could be added would be bowling. Bowling is a large cost to go to and from the bowling alley every day. By adding it to an existing gym class or by creating a new combination of sports it would be for a shorter time.

With a shorter time it would be less money that would have to be sent to bus kids to the bowling alley every day. In turn with the shorter time at the alley it could save the school some money.

The last sport that I would like to be possibly added would be golf. Golf is a great sport to help learn patience, and the ability to keep calm. The students could be taken to Fox Bend which is right down the road from the high school. Fox Bend has a large driving range and practice green for students to learn the fundamentals of golf.

To add these sports it would cost extra money. Fishing rods and reels would need to be bought. Along with line, practice plugs, and baits to show off. Bowling will always have the cost of the lanes and buses. Golf would have to have extra clubs for the students, pay to use the greens, range, range balls.

These may all cost some money, but it’s different. It’s something to diversify what you can learn. Who knows you may be great at golf or fishing, or any other sport that is added. These are just ideas of what I would like to be added. Maybe a new class could be started that included these and other sports that aren’t in the individual or team sport classes.

Erik Lenertz covers Bass Fishing and video game updates. He can be reached at 11000103@sd308.org or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org


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