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Club Spotlight: Harry Potter Club

Harry Potter

By Annie Durning 42Fifty Staff Writer

Every other Monday The Harry Potter Club meets in room 239. One of the presidents, Jacob Brummel, says the club not only discuss Harry Potter but they “help out with the community as best as can hang out as friends.” The last community project they did was a bake sale to raise money for animals in the area. When asked why the club is called The Harry Potter Club, Brummel responds with “Because we’re nerds that read books.”

Katy Valdez, a member of the club, says she helps the co-president come up with projects and club activities. She joined because she loves Harry Potter. Michael Valdez, her older brother and also a member of the club, joined because he is friends with Jacob. The club needs more members.

The president belongs to Gryffindor. Gryffindor traits include courage, chivalry, and being daring. Even so, they can be seen as impulsive and short tempered. Michael is a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs are loyal, dedicated, hard-working, patient and practice fair play more than the other houses. Ravenclaw are witty, dedicated to learning and are very wise. Slytherin traits include ambition, cunning, and slyness. They are also seen as mischievous. Katy Valdez ends up in all four houses so she is the sorting hat.

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