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Cheating the System Without Actually Cheating; A Useful Guide to Scholarships and Grants


By Daniela Ceja 42Fifty Staff Writer

College is expensive–too expensive, some would argue. And sometimes, financial aid isn’t enough. Therefore, a good idea for any soon-to-be college undergrad would be to look at some scholarships. But how do you begin? Here are a couple tips to get you started.

  1. Go to the Career Center, ask your counselor, or ask Mrs. Colvin – that’s where you’ll find all the recent scholarship information from the local area.
  2. Don’t ignore the small ones – chances are, less people are applying to those scholarships, meaning the odds are relatively in your favor.
  3. Make a schedule – it can get overwhelming having so many different deadlines, so mark them down on your calendar. Stay organized!
  4. Look through the requirements and essay prompts – more likely than not, many of the scholarships will ask you the same things. You can reuse the same essay from different applications.
  5. Apply to as many as you can – even if you think you might not get it, the chance at free money is worth a shot.

Speaking of applying to as many as you can, below is a small list to get you started.

Kendall County Republican Women

Deadline: March 16

Award: $1,000

Requirements: Must be a female resident of Kendall County for at least three years, must be planning to attend a university/college within Illinois, and must have evidence of academic and community service achievement.

The Kendall County Republican Women organization is awarding $1,000 to a female Kendall resident who plans on attending an Illinois university/college for the years 2018-2019. The application must include a waiver of confidentiality, a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, an official high school transcript, two sealed letters of recommendation, and a personal essay revolving around the applicant’s accomplishments/involvement in their community. Upon completion, applicants must mail their applications by March 16 to Lenora Gillespie in 1218 Willow Way, Yorkville, Ill.

Allied First Bank 2018 Student Scholarship

Deadline: March 23

Award: $1,000

Requirements: None

Allied First Bank is awarding $1,000 to one female and one male student within different areas. The application is short and can be obtained from the school’s student services. The application asks for basic information–cumulative GPA, college applicant is planning to attend, and anticipated field of study–and a one-page statement regarding the applicant’s accomplishments in either general academics, athletics, performing arts, visual arts, or career/technology. Applications must be returned to the Career Center by March 23.

Pay It Forward Scholarship/Grant

Deadline: April 4

Award: To be determined

Requirements: Must be a graduating senior from the OHS Class of 2018 and must have been accepted at a university or secured full-time employment.

School District 308 is awarding scholarships to graduating 2018 seniors who’ve demonstrated involvement and positive change in their community. Applicants must showcase their “Pay It Forward” attitude by describing their volunteer work, their proudest moment, and how they feel they’ve made a difference within their community. Applicants can further show how they’ve managed to “Pay It Forward” through three different mediums; a one to two page essay, an artistic project, or a two minute or less video. Completed applications must be turned into Student Services by April 4. Winners will be announced during Senior Awards Night.

Eric Lederman Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: April 3

Award: $750

Requirements: Must be an Oswego High School athlete who’s completed at least one varsity level interscholastic sport and must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 or better.

In the memory of Eric Lederman, a former student athlete who passed away due to a basketball-related accident in 2012, a yearly scholarship of $750 is being awarded to one Oswego High School athlete who exemplifies Eric Lederman’s characteristics; charisma and passion. Participants must complete the basic application, write an essay in 1,000 words or less about why they believe they should be awarded the scholarship, and a transcript or recent copy of their report card. Completed applications can be turned into Mrs. Colvin in the Career Center by April 3.

Now that you’ve got a basic grasp on scholarships, apply!

Daniela Ceja covers local community and Oswego High School news and events. She can be reached at 42000551@students.sd308.org or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org.

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