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In late January of this year Oswego High School speech team contestants Riah Trevino, Abby Miller, and Emma Ashley Mary Kayla took home first place, which lead the team into going to SPC.

As they hopped on the bus early Saturday morning headed to Minooka, Ill. with many other speech mates, everyone was practicing their monologues, top news and other pieces to win the championship.

Speech team member Riah Trevino had a lot to say about her team and all of their accomplishments. “I’ve always loved to talk in front of people, and as a freshman it seemed very interesting at the time and I couldn’t wait to join.” Trevino also highly encourages anyone who enjoys being the center of attention to be apart of the speech team.

Prepping for competitions was a whole other story. “As we all our on the bus we all talk to ourselves, review highlighted pieces and go over paragraphs they tend to struggle with…it is also a little weird though when you encounter someone as they’re talking to a wall”.

Speech is all about improvement and great people skills. It also prepares you for the future as you get older. “I’ve definitely learned a lot as I’ve been on the team, I’m grateful for the awards I’ve gotten, and the friends I have made, without speech it wouldn’t make me the person I am today”.

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