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March: National Appreciation of Athletic Trainers Month


The month of March is officially the month of appreciation to all of the athletic trainers of our high school.  They do so much for our athletics including big sporting events, small sporting events, and even practices.

They provide the athletes with water and medical attention when it is needed.  They are trained to help with your injuries and make sure you have a safe recovery. Trainers put lots of hours in to make sure our athletes are in top shape and ready to participate in their specific sporting event.  There are many, many ways that you can show how much you appreciate our athletic trainers such as:

Put it on paper: Make a poster talking about how great they are and the impacts that they do to our school.  

Letter: Writing a letter towards certain athletic trainers talking about how much your appreciate them and the impacts they’ve made in your life.

Putting it on the morning announcements: Saying the names of all of the athletic trainers would recognize all of the effort that they have put in this school year and I’m sure they would love their names being heard by all of their classmates.

Letting the press know: Telling the board about an amazing story that you heard about an athletic trainer.  This would recognize the trainer that was a participant of this event and show all of their classmates how great athletic trainers are.  This would also show some of the things that these students have learned with all of the training that they were put through.

Buy them gifts: Although it is not necessary, buying a trainer, or multiple trainers gifts would show them that you care about them and the work that they do for the school.  

The trainers put hours of work in for our school and they’re not recognized enough because it’s just their job to help our school.  We forget that they put in time on and off of the field and that shows in the actions that they take when helping a student. Our school thanks them for all of the hard hours that they’ve put in.  They play a massive role in our schools athletic experience. Show how much you love them this month especially by doing some of these actions or coming up with your own!

Noah Ferchen covers events happening around Oswego High School. He can be reached at 12000301@students.sd308.org or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org

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