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Coke is Out and Pepsi is in at OHS

New Pepsi product machines at Oswego High School.

The students of Oswego High School have been wondering why Coke products in the school were all gone. They were very upset because they really liked Coke rather than Pepsi.

I talked to our Principal Mr. Nunamaker, and what he told me was “When you have a vender they usually start at five years and they can go longer. Our contract with Coke has been up for many years, But we were grandfathered in with the same agreement when I got here.”

One of the reasons why they went to Pepsi was because the equipment they had was getting older, both the vending machines and the coolers needed to be replaced. When you look to do a contract for things like this, often times, you compare with competitors. In this case, it appears that Pepsi just had the better deal.

People may not be happy with it, but it appears to be what’s best for the school. Mr. Nunamaker said “It’s better for the school and students and that’s a big thing as to why they changed it”.

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