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2018 Spring Musical Announced


On Feb. 19, 2018 the Oswego High School Drama Department held auditions for the musical Guys and Dolls.

As students sat in the auditorium they prepared by going over the song “If I Were a Bell” and “Take Back Your Mink” while rehearsing lines between characters Skye, Nathan, Sarah and Adelaide.

At the beginning they only had people who were interested in chorus go up first and evenly led on to the actors and actresses saying lines for the character they wanted. Soon after everyone said lines, they began to sing for Mr. Teri the director and Mrs.Conant assistant director and waited for their response.

After that, they were dismissed for lunch. Some kids got to go back to the school for a callback and others went home. The main characters for  Guys and Dolls were Nathan, Sarah, Sky, and Adelaide. And the people who took the roles were  Tristan Ramos and Ryan Sendef and for Sky, Mark Melton and Harrison Hernandez and for Sarah, Abby Jobgen and Josie Carano and for Adelaide, Brielle Sanders and Melissa Czapczyk.   

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