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We have all heard the famous saying “hat’s off to ya”, however, when it comes to school it has an entirely different meaning. There any many different reasons as to why schools don’t let students wear hats in school. From being a distraction, to worrying about weapons being inside someone’s baseball cap. Personally, when I sit back and think of good reasons to have a hat at OHS the first thing that comes to mind is some rooms are so cold.

The temperature is so different throughout the school, you go from wearing shorts to wearing a winter coat going to and from different classes. I think that some hats should be allowed such as ones that cover your ears so you can keep warm until the school has a chance to fix the temperature difference throughout the building.

As far as it being a distraction, I think it would be a lot more distracting if someone had a bad hair day. If we allowed simple hats such as OHS caps it would boost school spirit and letting children wear hats would boost overall morale.

All the school has to do is take a chance. Oswego is a simple town, and while there are crimes, I highly doubt someone is going to hide a weapon in a ball cap and bring it to school. The positives outweigh the negatives in this circumstance. However, it is the school’s job to make a decision on this subject.

Joshua Leforce covers automotive and other events at OHS. He can be reached at 61001302@students.sd308.org or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org

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